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Harry Oliphant SOOY  1876 - 1927

aka Harry O. Sooy, Harry Sooy, H. O. Sooy, H. Sooy
birth 18 March 1874/1975 (or 11 March 1876 = FAMILYSEARCH), New Lisbon, Burlington, NJ
remark ELLIS ISLAND has 18 Mar 1874, New Lisbon, NJ (from Havana)
death 24 May 1927, Oakland, CA
burial on 29 May 1927, Camden, NJ
marriage married ca. 1899, Camden, NJ):

b. .. Feb 1876/1877, Bordentown, NJ
d. .............

  • Harry Oliphant Jr.

    b. 8 March 1900, .....
    d. 8 Feb 1907, .........)
    (H. O. Sooy's Memoirs, II: pp 11-12 (of 16)

remark In 1913 they live in Merchantville, NJ.


father Ezekiel ("Zeke") SOOY

b. 24 Feb 1850, .....
d. ..............

mother Kitturah/Keturah R. PRICKETT

b. 22 March 1851, Stafford Twp, Ocean, NJ
d. ........); married about 1870

remark FamilySearch: household: mother Kitturah R. (PRICKETT) SOOY
remark in 1921-1922 lived in Merchantville, NJ
  • Jesse A.

    b. 20 July 1873, .....
    d. ........

  • Harry Oliphant

    b. 11 Mar 1875, New Lisbon, Burlington, NJ
    d. 24 May 1927, Oakland, CA

  • Raymond Randoff

    b. 22 Aug 1880, Pemberton, Burlington, NJ
    d. 20 Dec 1938, Merchantville, NJ

  • Charles Ewan

    b. 20 Aug 1885, Ewanville, NJ
    d. ..... 1945, .........


188O CENSUS (5 June 1880, Pemberton, Burlington, NJ):
Ezekiel (30y)
Kitturah A. (29y)
- Jesse A. (8y)
- Harry O. (5y)
= Sarah H. (63y ; mother)

1900 CENSUS (..........., Camden, Camden, NJ):
Harry O. SOOY (25y; b. March 1875) machinist
Joanna SOOY (23y; b. March 1877)
- Harry O. SOOY Jr. (..m; b. March 1900)
= Allie/Affie Lippincott (55y; ) mother-in-law
= Walley/Willey Lippincott (31y; ) brother-in-law

Harry O. SOOY
+ Mrs. SOOY
Departure New York: 23 Feb 1907,
Arrival Havana, CUBA: ....... 1907
Made 171 records [= recordings]

Returned New York on 31 March 1907 (SOOY's Memoirs II: p 12 (of 16))
(first trip outside of our home laboratory)
Harry SOOY (32y)
+ Joanna SOOY (30y)
dep. Havana, CUBA: 19 Mar 1907
arr. New York: 23 Mar 1907

During the months of June and July, this year [1907], I [Harry O. Sooy] made a recording trip to Mexico City; Mrs. Sooy was also along on this trip
On finishing up my repertoire of records I found I had recorded 207 records in all for the Mexican territory.

“During January, 1913, Frank S. Rambo succeeded Henry Hagen as a member of the Recording Staff of the Victor Company, to act in the same capacity as Hagen - traveling recorder for the Export Department.
Rambo started on his first recording trip March 1, 1913 to Havana, Cuba.

[Frank] Rambo not having had any foreign recording experience, the Victor Company requested H. O. Sooy to follow Rambo to Cuba on the SS Havana sailing March 8th, to instruct Rambo as much as possible
From March 7th to April 1st, 1913, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Sooy were in Cuba, I being sent there to instruct Frank Rambo in the duties of Export Recording."
(source: p 9 of part III of Harry O. Sooy's Memoir of my Career at the Victor Talking Machine Company, 1898-1925)

Harry O. SOOY
+ Joanna SOOY
+ Frank S. RAMBO
29 March 1913, Havana, CUBA
2 April 1913, New York

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born: 11 March 1875,
Manager Victor Talking Machine Company, Grant .. Cooper/Casper St., Camden, NJ
res.: 205 Myrtle Ave, Merchantville, NJ

In 1903 Harry was already working for VICTOR (source: Jim Walsh Collection)

Harry's obituary in The Oakland Tribune of 25 May 1927


  • Memoirs of my Recording and Traveling Experiences for the Victor Talking Machine Company by Raymond Sooy (online David Sarnoff Library)
  • Memoir of my Career at the Victor Talking Machine Company, 1898-1925 by Harry O. Sooy (online David Sarnoff Library)
  • The Sooy Dynasty of Camden, New Jersey: Victor's First Family of Recording by Paul D. Fischer