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Frank Stewart RAMBO  1884 - 1917

aka Frank S. Rambo. F. S. Rambo, Frank Rambo, F. Rambo
birth 30 June 1884, Philadelphia, PA
death 25 July 1917, Merchantville(?), Camden, NJ
marriage .... <1908>, ............
Ethel E. KNOX

b. 1 Mar 1885, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia, PA
d. .. Oct 1968, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia, PA

childrenno children


father Nathan Hall RAMBO

b. 4 Dec 1849, Philadelphia, PA
d. 25 Mar 1928, ..............

mother Julia Ann Parker McLAIN / McCLAIN

b. 31 July 1851, ........., Delaware
d. 24 July 1926, .........., PA

marriage they got married in 1871 (source: Familysearch)
  • George

    b. .. Dec 1872, Phila, PA
    d. .... 1918, .............

  • Harry McLain

    b. .. Aug 1875, ......., PA
    d. .... 1914, ........

  • [Marga]Retta

    b. .. Mar 1879/1880, ..... , PA
    d. 1956, .......

  • Frank

    b. .. June 1884, ......., PA
    d. 25 July 1917, .....

  • Nathan

    b. .. July 1885, ........ , PA
    d. ..................


By 1913 Frank Stewart RAMBO is listed on the two passenger lists as married and living in Philadelphia, PA.

His brother Harry RAMBO married in <1903>:
Sarah B. ......... (b. <1881>) = Sadie Belle McCULLEN?
- Sarah R. (or G.) RAMBO
- Julia
- Janet (?)
- Harry M. (b. 8 Dec 1914, ..........., PA - d. 6 Feb 2007, Lakewood, Ocean, NJ)
(probably named after his father/uncle Harry M. who died in 1914) Eleanor M.?

1880 CENSUS, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1-2 June 1880
Nathan RAMBO (30y)
Julia RAMBO (28y)
- George (8y)
- Harry
- Margaretta/Margaritta (3m)

1900 CENSUS (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1900):
Nathan RAMBO
- George (27y)
- Harry (24y)
- Retta (20y)
- Frank (16y)
- Nathan (14y)

1910 CENSUS (Philadelphia, PA):
Nathan RAMBO (61y) merchant ; Milk Dealer
Julia RAMBO (58y)
1910 CENSUS (20 April 1910, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA):
Frank RAMBO (24y) machinist / Phonograph
Ethel E. RAMBO (24y)
= Eliza J. KNOX (67y) mother-in-law
= Robert KNOX (72) father-in-law
1910 CENSUS (Philadelphia, PA):
Harry M. RAMBO (34y) milkman; Milk Dealer
Sarah B. RAMBO (32y; b. <1878)
= Sadie Belle McCULLEN, who married Harry M. RAMBO on 22 Apr 1903, Wilmington, New Castle, DE
(source: Delaware Marriage Records, 1744-1912)
- Sarah R. RAMBO (6y)
- Julia P. RAMBO (4y)

1920 CENSUS (2 Jan 1920, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA):
Ethel RAMBO (34y; widow) boarder Typist / Insurance
1920 CENSUS (.........., Merchantville, Camden, NJ):
Nathan H. or W. RAMBO (70y)
Julia P. RAMBO (67y)
- Sarah B. (39y)
- Sarah R. or G. RAMBO (16y)
- Julia P. RAMBO (14y)
- Harry M. RAMBO (5y)

The ages of Sarah B. RAMBO of 1910 (32y) and 1920 (39y) do not match !!!
was Harry’s wife REALLY called Sadie Belle McCullen (McClain) ?

“During January, 1913, Frank S. Rambo succeeded Henry Hagen as a member of the Recording Staff of the Victor Company, to act in the same capacity as Hagen - traveling recorder for the Export Department.

Rambo started on his first recording trip March 1, 1913 to Havana, Cuba.
Rambo not having had any foreign recording experience, the Victor Company requested H. O. Sooy to follow Rambo to Cuba on the SS Havana sailing March 8th, to instruct Rambo as much as possible
From March 7th to April 1st, 1913, Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Sooy were in Cuba, I being sent there to instruct Frank Rambo in the duties of Export Recording."
(source: p 9 of part III of Harry O. Sooy's Memoir of my Career at Victor Talking Machine Company)

Harry O. SOOY (38y)
+ Joanna SOOY (36y)
+ Frank S. RAMBO (28y)
29 March 1913, Havana, CUBA
2 April 1913, New York

On 13 July 1913 Frank S. Rambo and Charles S. Althouse sailed for Lima, Peru, via the Panama Canal, to make a repertoire of Peruvian records for the Victor Company, this being the first trip we made on the west coast of South America....

... and we had Rambo and Althouse go back to Panama from Peru, and there change steamships and proceed to Central America, up the Magdalena River to Bogota, Colombia, where they made records of the natives for that part of the world, it being also the first and only time to date that records were made in this territory by the Victor Talking Machine Company. Rambo and Althouse returned from this trip December 11th. This proved to be Rambo's last recording trip, as he returned very much run down in health, and in February, 1914, he was given some time off owing to his ill health. He was later sent to Albuquerque, New Mexico, by the Victor Talking Machine Company, to try to regain his health. Rambo returned in 1916, and died July 25, 1917.
(source: pp 9-10 of part III of Harry O. Sooy's Memoir of my Career at Victor Talking Machine Company)

Frank S. RAMBO (29y)
+ Charles S. ALTHOUSE (19y)
date of departure: 1 Dec 1913
port of departure: Puerto Colombia
ship's name: SS "ALMIRANTE"
date of arrival: 11 Dec 1913
port of arrival: New York
age on arrival: 29y
residence: 1724 North 52nd St., Philadelphia
birth: Philadelphia

George K. Cheney succeeded Frank Rambo as an expert recorder
(source: p. 12-13 of part III of Harry O. Sooy's Memoir of my Career at Victor Talking Machine Company)



  • Memoir of my Career at Victor Talking Machine Company by Harry O. Sooy, Part III, pp. 12-13