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Christiaan SNOUCK HURGRONJE  1857 - 1936

aka C. Snouck Hurgronje
nationality Dutch
occupation orientalist/arabist/islamologist
birth 8 Feb 1857, Oosterhout, THE NETHERLANDS
death 26 June 1936, Leiden, THE NETHERLANDS
burial 29 June 1936, Begraafplaats Groenesteeg, Leiden
marriage married in Jan 1890
(Raden Ayu) Sangkana (Tahib Resmi)

b. .... 1873, .......
d. .... 1895, Ciamis, Java, INDONESIA

  • Emah (Salmah Gaffar Raden)

    b. .... 1890, Ciamis, Java, INDONESIA
    d. .........

  • Umar (Oemar Ganda Prawira Raden)

    b. .... 1892, Ciamis, Java, INDONESIA
    d. 17 Oct 1942, Bandoeng, Java, INDONESIA

  • (Siti) Aminah (Gaffar Raden)

    b. .... 1893, Ciamis, Java, INDONESIA
    d. .... 1990, .......

  • Ibrahim (Gaffar Raden)

    b. .... 1894, Ciamis, Java, INDONESIA
    d. .... 1976, .......

marriage married in 1898
Siti Sadijah ((Buah) Sueb Raden)

b. .... 1885, Bandoeng, Java, INDONESIA
d. .... 1974, Bandoeng, Java, INDONESIA

  • (Julius) Jusuf (Raden)

    b. 3 Feb 1905, Ciamis, Java, INDONESIA
    d. 6 Dec 2000, Jakarta, INDONESIA

marriage got married on 8 July 1910 in Zutphen to:
Ida Maria OORT

b. 30 Aug 1873, Meppel, THE NETHERLANDS
d. .... 1958, .........

  • Christien

    b. 17 Dec 1914, Leiden, THE NETHERLANDS
    d. 20 Dec 2014, .........


father Jacob Julianus SNOUCK HURGRONJE

b. 28 Sep 1812, Middelburg, THE NETHERLANDS
d. 21 Feb 1870, Oosterhout, THE NETHERLANDS

mother Anna Maria DE VISSER

b. 15 June 1819, Herkingen, THE NETHERLANDS
d. 12 Feb 1892, Leiden, THE NETHERLANDS

marriage they got married on 31 Jan 1855, Terheijden, THE NETHERLANDS
  • Anna Maria [VAN DE HALL]

    b. 20 May 1849, Chilham, Kent, ENGLAND
    d. 7 July 1931, Rotterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

  • Jacqueline Julie [VAN DE HALL]

    b. 4 Dec 1840, Mechelen, BELGIUM
    d. 17 Aug 1926, Leiden, THE NETHERLANDS

  • Christina Anna Catharina

    b. 19 Feb 1855, Terheijden, THE NETHERLANDS
    d. 3 May 1856, Oosterhout, THE NETHERLANDS

  • Christiaan

    b. 8 Feb 1857, Oosterhout, THE NETHERLANDS
    d. 26 June 1936, Leiden, THE NETHERLANDS

  • Anna Catharina

    b. 3 Sep 1859, Oosterhout, THE NETHERLANDS
    d. 5 Sep 1881, Leiden, THE NETHERLANDS



article XIII: Islam und Phonograph in Deel II Geschriften betreffende het Mohammedaansche Recht (in: Verspreide Geschriften van C. Snouck-Hurgronje (Kurt Schroeder, Bonn und Leipzig, 1923))

Until recently it was claimed that Snouck Hurgronje made cylinder recordings in Mecca in 1904. However, Arnoud Vrolijk informed me that in 1906 Snouck Hurgronje sent an Edison phonograph and wax cylinders to the Dutch Consulate in Jeddah. In 1908/09 recordings were made by consul Nicolaas Scheltema and members of his staff, among them dragoman Hadji Agoes Salim.

On 3 January 1914 Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (professor; 56y) and spouse Ida Maria (housewife; 40y) boarded in Rotterdam the SS "NIEUW AMSTERDAM". Final destination: New York. They arrived at the port of New York on 12 January 1914. His contact in the USA was Prof. Richard Gottheil (1862-1936) of Columbia University, New York. He was going to give a series of lectures.


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For Snouck Hurgronjes see Nos. 5 and 6 on passenger list
For Snouck Hurgronjes see Nos. 5 and 6 on passenger list


Arnoud Vrolijk
Maria Kapkidi (co-researcher RP)