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William/Wilhelm MICHAELIS  ("Will")1861 - 1944

aka William Michaelis, Wilhelm Michaelis, W. Michaelis, Will Michaelis
birth 8 May 1861, Danzig, GERMANY/POLAND
baptism ..............
death .. July/Aug/Sep 1944, ..........., Hampstead, ENGLAND (83y) (GRO 1a / 457)
marriage ..

b. .... 1866, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
d. .....................



father .......... MICHAELIS
mother ..............
  • Alfred

    b. .... <1858>, Danzig(?), GERMANY/POLAND
    d. .. Apr/May/June 1925, .........., Hendon, ENGLAND (67y) (GRO 3a / 319)

  • Anna

    b. 2 Feb 1860, Danzig, GERMANY/POLAND
    d. 30 Aug 1942, Theresienstadt

  • William/Wilhelm

    b. 8 May 1861, Danzig, GERMANY/POLAND
    d. .. July/Aug/Sep 1944, ..........., Hampstead, ENGLAND (83y))


brother of Alfred
merchant of Brighton, Sussex
Sept 1899 co-director (for 3 years) of The Gramophone Company (Italy) Ltd.

Our friend, Mr. Seymour, filed two specifications in reference to the recording and reproduction of this type of disc as far back as 1903, and one Dr. Michaelis, a German, took out a patent in this country a few months later for a somewhat similar invention. The doctor's was a rather curious production with celluloid on which the record had been impressed. He called it the " Neophone," and we saw one of them not long since in the possession of a collector, who preserved it as a curio. Some of these discs were huge affairs, 20 ins. across. As a matter of fact, they were ultimately a failure. The strawboard warped and the records became useless. (from: The Talking Machine Industry. Published by SIR ISAAC PITMAN & SONS, LTD.) online

Inventor of the Neophon (London) (see Joe Batten, p. 49-50)
Introduced NEOPHONE discs (Andrews' Fonotipia, p. 18)
Neophon see: Franz Schorn's "Alte Schallplatten-Marken", p. 78 (on label: System Dr. Michaelis)
see picture Otto Watzig (NEOPHON)

Wilhelm MICHAELIS (76y) widower
nationality: German
Born: Danzig
dep.: Hamburg, 20 Oct 1938
arr.: New York, 28 Oct 1938
Last permanent residence: Baden-Baden, Germany
Immigration Visa, Passport Visa, or Re-entry Permit Number - 275 NIV. Stuttgart - Issued Oct. 14, 1938 at Stuttgart


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Recording in the Vatican, April 1902.
Left to right: William Michaelis, the castrato Alessandro Moreschi and Will Gaisberg.


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