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Frank Lushbaugh CAPPS  1869 - 1943

aka Frank L. Capps, F. L. Capps, Frank Capps, F. Capps
occupation inventor
birth 28 July 1869, Illopolis, Sangamon, Illinois (or Mount Pulaski, Logan, IL ?)
death 2 June 1943, New York
Lavica ("Larisa" is mistake) RICHARDS

b. 7 Aug 1872, Durrand, Ill.
d. ...........

  • (Frances) Dorothy

    b. .... 1898, New Jersey
    d. .... 1939, ...........

  • Isabel[la] Louise

    b. 25 May 1900, Newark, NJ
    d. 25 June 1975, Orleans, Barnstable, MA (Convalescent and Retirement Home


father Charles R. CAPPS

b. 11 Mar 1841, ......., Illinois
d. ...........

mother Elizabeth A. ("Lizzie") LUSHBAUGH (not: LUSHTMY)

b. 30 Sep 1842, Springfield, Sangamon, IL)
d. 23 Oct 1936, .......

remark Mount Pulaski, Logan Co., IL
marriage They got married on 29 May 1862 (or on 30 May 1861), Mt Pulaski, Logan, Illinois
  • Louis(e?) E.

    b. 1864, ......., IL

  • Elmer L.

    b. 1866, ........, IL

  • Frank Lushbaugh

    b. 1869, ......., IL
    d. 2 June 1943, New York

  • Mabel H.

    b. 1873, Mt Pulaski, Logan Co., IL

  • Bessie R.

    b. 1875, IL


1880 CENSUS (1-2 June 1880, Illiopolis, Sangamon, Illinois):
Charles R. CAPPS (39y) merchant
Elizabeth A. CAPPS (37y)
- Louis(e?) E. (16y) (b. 1864, ......., IL)
- Elmer L. (14y) (b. 1866, ........, IL)
- Frank L. (11y) (b. 1869, ......., IL)
- Mabel H. (8y) (b. 1873, Mt Pulaski, Logan Co., IL)
- Bessie R. (5y) (b. 1875, IL)

1910 CENSUS (Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT):
Frank L. (40y)
LaVica/La Bica (38y)
- Dorothy (12y NJ)
- Isabel (9y NJ)

1920 CENSUS (7 Jan 1920, Brooklyn, Kings, NY):
Frank L. (49y) manager Phonographs
LaVica/La Bica (45y)
- Dorothy (19y) = Isabel?

1930 CENSUS (Weehawken, Hudson, NJ):
Frank L. (60y) inventor Laboratory
Lavica (68y = 58y)
- Isabella (29y)

associate of Edison

recorder COLUMBIA (1903 Russia, Berlin, Vienna, Milan and other European cities)(from: EMI: The first 100 years (p. 99)
articles in The Columbia Record, April/August 1904 (+ Poland + Japan) (TCR runs from Jan 1904-July 1907)
On Capps recording activities in Feb 1903 in Russia see also: Zhelezjnyi, translation p. 4.
[Edward Denison] Easton ("Isten")(President of the Columbia Phonograph Company), , and director of London Branch (Frank or Marion) Dorian and the director of the Berlin Branch, James Bradt, and Frank Capps ("Kebs")
On Capps / Russell Hunting / Pathé / Western Electric (A Voice in Time, p. 173-174)

In May 1899 [Frank] Dorian opened a permanent office in Germany, which permitted Columbia to expand its business into Germany, Austria, Poland and Russia. In a 1903 interview Dorian described Columbia's European organization (Talking Machine News, Vol. 1 June 1903)
(I guess Frank Capps became its director)
(source: EMI: The First 100 Years, p. 93)

manager PATHE factory in Brooklyn (1924) with Russell HUNTING (A Voice in Time)
1918: superintendent of record manufacture for COLUMBIA PHONOGRAPH COMPANY

NYT obituary of Waldemar H. Rose
Frank L. Capps Company (1650 Broadway) makers of recording needles

In February 1903 the Columbia Phonograph Company began making recordings in Russia (St. Petersburg).
Edward Easton, President of company, Bradt (Berlin), (Frank or Marion) Dorian (London) and Capps

Frank CAPPS (35y)
+ Lavica CAPPS (32y)
+ Dorothy (8y)
+ Louise (5y)
departure Southampton: 14 Jan 1905
arrival New York: 22 Jan 1905

Lavica CAPPS (52y)
4 Oct 1924 Le Havre
12 Oct 1924 NY
residence: 275 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Frank CAPPS (55y)
22 Nov 1924 Le Havre ?
3 Dec 1924
residence: 275 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, New York
(source: ELLIS ISLAND)


  • Music on Record by F. W. Gaisberg. Robert Hale Limited. London, 1946, p. 81-82
  • Grandma Capps. Nee Miss Lizzie Lushbaugh by Elizabeth Lawrence Kalashnikoff
  • Early Gramophone Periodicals in Russia by Rainer E. Lotz (in: The Talking Machine Review No. 67 of November 1983, p. 1831) Krebs = Frank Capps)
  • An Important Acquisition (in: The Talking Machine World Vol. 11, No. 11 of 15 Nov 1915 (p. 58) PHOTO) online



Frank Lushbaugh Capps
Frank Lushbaugh Capps
Frank L. Capps (standing on the right)
Frank Capps with family and friends (Milford, Connecticut, 1930’s)
The Frank Capps family (Milford, Connecticut, 1930’s)
courtesy Library of Congress


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