Floral Frascati Restaurant, London

Frascati's at 32 Oxford Street, London was celebrated for its cosmopolitanism, luxury and excellent cuisine and was a sumptuous and elegant venue that was highly regarded for its international cuisine.

Opening in 1893 Frascati grew to be an institution with its large, fashionable clientele, and was also a favoured venue among businessmen from London and the regions which was a sure sign that it produced good food and comfort.

There was simply nothing like it in London and the architect built one other edifice rather resembling it in Amsterdam. On the ground floor there were two other large offshoot rooms - quite restaurants in themselves in size.

Frascati was also a popular place for banquets and dinners and there were numerous private rooms for private functions...

Frascati's endured through the 1930s but seemingly was destroyed during the Second World War.

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