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Sigmund WEINBERG  1861 - 1929

aka S. Weinberg, Zigmond Weinberg
birth .... 1861, Galati/Galatz, RUMANIA (68y)
death 13 Mar 1929, Berlin-Charlottenburg, GERMANY
marriage married on ......, Istanbul, TURKEY
Caroline/Karoline BLUMBERG

b. ............
d. .............

  • Elsa

    b. 12 May 1905, Istanbul, TURKEY
    d. .................

  • Regina

    b. ..............
    d. ................


father Leopold (Löwy) WEINBERG

b. 8 Oct 1814, Roudnice and Lanem, North Bohemia, CZECH REPUBLIC
d. 29 Nov 1905, Istanbul, TURKEY or 29 Nov 1889, Duchow, CZECH REPUBLIC

mother Theresia EPSTEIN

b. ...........
d. .............

  • Sigmund

    b. .... 1861, Galati/Galatz, RUMANIA
    d. 13 Mar 1929, Berlin-Neuköln, GERMANY

  • Jean (no evidence)


agent The Gramophone Company, Istanbul, TURKEY
Jean Weinberg (photographer) possibly his brother, but no evidence yet.

A distant cousin of mine found a photograph depicting my grandparents as bride and groom in Constantinople. They were sitting in an open car. At the wheel was one of my grandmother's cousins Sigmund Weinberg (who owned the first two cinemas in Istanbul, and the first photo-shop (this was something quite revolutionary in those days.) Next to him was another of my grandmother's cousins, Carl Carlman (who owned the first department store in Istanbul on the Grande Rue de Pera) This was during the time of Sultan Abdel Hamid who refused to allow cars to be on the streets in Turkey unless they had a horse harnessed to it. This is a photograph of the first car in Turkey, and the photograph shows them surrounded by Turks wearing a fez and gawking at the satanic monster that moved without a horse.(from Anzarut Memories by Edna Anzarut Turner)


  • Sigmund Weinberg, Türkiye'ye Sinemayı Getiren Adam ... by Burçak Evren (Milliyet. Istanbul, 1995)
  • Seventy-eight Revolutions Per Minute in the Levant. A Discography of Favorite's Oriental Recordings by Hugo Strötbaum (in: De Turcicis Aliisque Rebus, Commentarii Henry Hofman dedicati, M. Vandamme (ed.). Utrecht 1992, 227 pages (ISBN 90-393-0291-x)



Address of S. Weinberg on catalogue of The Gramophone Company
Stationary of Sigmund Weinberg, Constantinople
"S. Weinberg" embossed in the wax of a record


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