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Richard Emil WATZIG  1884 - 1956

aka Richard E. Watzig, R. E. Watzig, Richard Watzig, R. Watzig
birth 12 Nov 1884, Dresden, GERMANY
death 30 July 1956, Takoma, Pierce, Washington
burial St James Cemetery Acres Catholic Cemetery, Vancouver, WA
marriage married in 1915 to:
Henrietta Anna PERO(N)TKA (daughter of Frank PERONTKA and Henrietta HAMMEL)
(b. ..... 1890, .........., Wisconsin, USA - d. .....................)
died: 4 Febr 1958, Vancouver, Clark, WA
  • Jean/Jeanette V.

    b. ... April 1916, ........, Clark, WA

  • Marie Louise

    b. 4/9 Sept 1917, ..........., Clark, WA
    d. .......... (must have died at an early age

  • Edward Frank

    b. 3 May 1919, Clark, WA
    d. 14 June 1999, ......., Kent, Michigan; buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, 2000 Walker Avenue NW Grand Rapids, MI 49514

  • Ann(a) L.

    b. <1921>
    d. .........

  • Emily M.

    b. <1923>, .............
    d. 13 Nov 1974, Vancouver


father Ferdinand Edward WATZIG

b. ...., Gunnersdorf, Dresden, GERMANY
d. .......

mother Ernestin(e) MORBITZ

b. ........
d. ..........

  • [Eduard] Bruno

    b. 1877, Dresden, GERMANY
    d. 31 Dec 1968, ..........

  • Otto [Heinrich]

    b. 11 Sept 1881, Dresden, GERMANY
    d. 15 April 1945, Vancouver

  • [Alma] Ida

    b. <1883>, Dresden, GERMANY

  • [Richard] Emil

    b. 12 Nov 1884, Dresden, GERMANY
    d. 30 July 1956, Tacoma, Pierce, Washington

  • [Ferdinand] Paul

    b. <1885>, Dresden, GERMANY

  • Carl/Karl Max

    b. 17 Sept 1887, Dresden, GERMANY
    d. 23 March 1945, Camas, Clark, WA

  • Heinrich Otto
  • Hugo Reinhold
  • Martha
  • Eduard
  • Elisabeth Ella


1904 Neophone Berlin

1904/1905 Otto and Emil leave Germany and go to England [Neophone, 149-153 Roseberry Avenue, London E.C.]

On 27 June 1907 Emil arrives at port of Halifax, CANADA
Works on a big ranch

Oct 1907 enters USA from Winnipeg, Manitoba (CANADA)
Final destination: New York

New York: works as a streetcar conductor and runs a movie projector etc.
Becomes friends with a man who had purchased some property in the Guler [Hotel]-Trout Lake area near Mt. Adams, WA
In 1908(?) they take the train West to Washington state

Henrietta Perotka, daughter of Frank Perontka and Henrietta Hammel, spent her summers at the Guler Hotel which was owned by her aunt and uncle
There she met Emil.

1910 CENSUS (9 May 1910, Trout Lake, Klickitat, WA):
Jacob CHRISTNER (48y; b. ........, Iowa) Marriage 2 farm manager // General farm
Henrietta CHRISTNER (49y) Marriage 2 [Marriage 1: Henrietta PEROTKA]
- Henrietta A. PEROUTKA (sic) (19y; stepdaughter) waitress hotel
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Christian GULER (44y; b. Switzerland) farmer // General Farm
Philomena [HAMMEL] GULER (42y; b. 5 July 1868, Soloturn, SWITZERLAND)
- Margaretha A. [= Anna] (20y; b. Oregon) housekeeper hotel
= Anna HAMMEL (73y) widow; mother-in-law [to Christian GULER and mother of Philomena and Henrietta]

In 1912 Otto is in Japan and asks Emil to join him.
Emil goes to Japan and starts working for an export firm in Yokohama.
Based in Japan, Otto and Emil make a trip to China and the Great Wall.
They climb Mt. Fuji etc.

In November 1912 they took the Trans-Siberian Railway across to Germany
They were detained in Russia (Germany and Russia were at odds) be later released.
They visited family in Germany and friends in England.
Upon returning to Germany, Otto and Emil, along with brothers Bruno and Max and sister Ida sailed to the U.S.
From Cuxhaven and on 19 June 1913 arrival New York (destination San Francisco)
Crossed the country by train to San Francisco, where they spent some time.
Then they went north to Oregon state, where Otto bought a farm near Canyonville.

Border Crossings From Canada to U.S. 1895-1956:
Richard Emil Wetzig (sic) (23y) comm. salesman
Arrival: .. Oct 1907, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
per Allen/Allan Line SS Co.

Final destination: New York (Fr. Louis .............)
Fr. Alford/Elford(?) Schoenberg(?), 8784 Bay 9th St., Bath Brack(?), New York

WWI Draft Registr. Cards, 1917-1918 (Edward/Paul/Otto/Max Carl/Richard Emil):
Richard Emil WATZIG (34y)
Citizen/subject of Germany
Address: 1 Camas, Clark, WA
occupation: prune drying
Employer’s name: Arthur Cavitt (b. ... Nov 1881, ......., Clark, WA - d. 30 Apr 1949, Santa Clara, CA)
Place of employment or business: 1 Camas, Clark, WA
Registr.: 12 Sept 1918

1920 CENSUS (8 Jan 1929, Fern Prairie, Clarke, Washington):
Richard A. [= E.] WATZIG (35y) farmer // Farm
(year of immigration to t6he United States: 1913)
Henrietta WATZIG (29y)
- Jean (3y9m; b. Oregon)
- Edward (8m; b. Oregon)

1922 they moved to a farm in the Ireland District about 9 miles north of Camas, Washington County.
Large prune orchard and a prune dryer and many acres of timber and pasture
A creek ran through it

In 1928 they moved to a farm in Orchards, WA (= Fourth Plain, Clark, WA ?)
Prune orchards were there too and Emil ran a prune dryer.
When the prune market dried up, they raised turkeys (good breeder flocks and eggs)

1930 CENSUS (8-9 April 1930, Fourth Plain, Clarke, WASHINGTON):
Richard E. WATZIG (45y) farmer // prune orchard
(year of immigration to the United States: 1908)
Henrietta A. WATZIG (39y)
- Jeannette V. (14y; b. Oregon)
- Edward Fr. (10y; b. Oregon)
- Anna L. (9y; b. Oregon)
- Emily M. (7y; b. Oregon)

Emil served on the Orchards Grade School Board

Border Crossings From Canada to U.S. 1895-1956:
Richard Watzig
Date of arrival: 12 (or: 14) Oct 1902
port of arrival: Buffalo, NY, USA

Neophone, Berlin


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From left to right: Bruno, Max, Otto and Emil Watzig


Jean Watzig
David Schwarz (without "t")
Mary Schwartz (probably also without "t")
Evelyn Ehlert