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Gordon Aplin SOULÉ  1902 - 1956

aka Gordon A. Soulé, G. A. Soulé, Gordon Soulé, G. Soulé
birth 2 Feb 1902, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
death 18 Aug 1956, Oregon State Hospital, Salem, Marion, Oregon
remark (residence: 1132 SW 13th, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon)


father Howard Salmon SOULE

b. .. Apr 1864, Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont
d. .......

mother Ruth H. APLIN

b. .. May 1872, ...., CA
d. Before 1920

remark In 1880 Ruth H. Aplin was living in Little York, Nevada, CA
marriage they got married in 1899
  • (Howard) Gordon Aplin

    b. 2 Feb 1902, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
    d. 18 Aug 1956, Oregon State Hospital, Salem, Marion, Oregon

  • William

    b. ........, Oregon
    d. ...........

  • Harold Salmon

    b. 5 June 1906, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, California
    d. 7 July 1968, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon


pianist/recording engineer
Worked for Gennett as production manager and recording engineer

Oregon Death Index
Gordon A. SOULE
died: 18 Aug 1956, ......., Marion, Oregon (certificate: 9439)

Washington Death Index
Gordon SOULE
1953, .............

1860 CENSUS (9 June 1860, Fairfield, Franklin, Vremont):
Charles R. SOULE (43y)
Lucinda M. (23y)
- Silas H. (7m)

1880 CENSUS (14 June 1880, Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont):
Charles R. SOULE (62) farmer
Lucinda M. SOULE (44y)
- Silas H. (20y)
- Buell S. (18y)
- Howard S. (17y)
- Mary (12y)
- Stanley (9y)
- Charles R. Jr. (4y)

1900 CENSUS (7 June 1900, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon):
father not mentioned; dead?
L. M. SHERMAN (64y) (b. .. Apr 1836)
- Silas (b. Dec 1861) piano tuner
- Buell (b. Aug. 1862) lawyer
- Howard (b. Apr 1864) piano tuner
- Stanley (b. Aug. 1871) piano tuner
- Charles (b. Dec 1875) bookkeeper
- Marie (b. Aug 1870) music teacher
- Ruth (b. May 1872, California) daughter-in-law; Howard's wife

1910 CENSUS (19 Apr 1910, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon):
Howard SOULE (46y) (b. Vermont) pianotuner
Ruth H. ..... (38y) (b. California)
- Howard G. (= Gordon) (b. Oregon) (8y)
- William (b. Oregon) (6y)
- Harold (b. California) (3y)

1920 CENSUS (2 Jan 1920, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon):
Marie A. S. SOULE (41y) (b. Vermont) Head music teacher
Silas (60y) (b. Vermont) brother
Buell SOULE brother (57y) (b. Vermont) merchant music store
Stanley SOULE brother (55y) (b. Vermont) merchant music store
Lucinda M. SOULE mother (83y) (b. Vermont)
= Gordon A. SOULE nephew (17y) none
= Harold S. SOULE nephew (13y) none

1930 CENSUS (9 Apr 1930, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon):
Marie A. S. SOULE (45y) (b. Vermont) Head instructor music
Buell S. SOULE brother (42y) (b. Vermont) salesmanm Piano Co.
Stanley SOULE brother (53y) (b. Vermont) salesman Piano Co.
= Gordon A. SOULE nephew (28y) (b. Oregon) pianist music

Passport Applications dated:
Gordon Aplin SOULE (musician), Marie A. S. SOULE (aunt; music teacher) and Inez May CHAMBERS (musician)
(for J. F. Schroeder Music Co., 145 West 45th St, New York City, NY)
In 1921 Gordon was living at:
145 West 45th St, New York City, NY, c/o J. F. Schroeder Music Co.

Gordon Aplin SOULE, Marie A. S. SOULE and Inez May CHAMBERS left the USA on 3 Aug 1921 on board of the SS "ADRIATIC", according to the passport applications

Inez [May] Chambers left England on 19 November 1921 (Liverpool) on board of SS "CELTIC" and arrived in New York on 28 Nov 1921.

In January 1922 Marie A. S. Soule and Gordon Aplin Soule decided to go back to the USA:
Marie SOULE (b. 12 Aug 1868, Belmont) single (50y should be 54y)
+ Gordon Aplin SOULE (20y) (b. 2 Febr. 1902, Portland, Oregon) son / single
departure Antwerp: 19 Jan 1922
arrival New York: 30 Jan 1922
residence: 252 13th St Portland, Oregon

Death certificate: usual occupation: advertising


  • Jelly Roll, Bix and Hoagy. Gennett Studios and the Birth of Recorded Jazz by Rick Kennedy
  • Mark Rothko: A Biography by James E. B. Breslin
  • The Stonemans: An Appalachian Family and the Music That Shaped Their Lives by Ivan M. Tribe (University of Illinois Press)