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Simon SIMONIDES  1890 - 1962

aka S. Simonides
birth 24 Dec 1890, İncesu, TURKEY
death .. July 1962, New York


father Georgiou/GEORGIOU

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mother ................

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  • Simon

    b. 24 Dec 1890, İncesu, TURKEY
    d. .. July 1962, New York, USA


Simeon Simeonidis (sic!) (20y) workman
Dep. 30 Oct 1910, Piraeus, GREECE
Arr. 23 Nov 1910, New York City, NY, USA
Last permanent residence: Constantinople, TURKEY
residence in USA: 64 E. 115 St, New York City, NY, USA
Person in old country: (Father) Georgiou, Pera, Constantinople, TURKEY
Person in US: (Cousin) Klimis Calathopoulos, 31 Oliver St., Corn[er] Madison, NY, USA

1922 Naturalization:
Simon Simonides, 31y, Merchant
Residence: 167 Forsyth St., NY, USA

"Oriental Music Shop Chartered", The Talking Machine World, Vol. 19, No. 12, New York, 15 Dec 1923, p. 43:
A charter of incorporation was recently granted to the Oriental Music Shop, of New York City. The concern, which is capitalized at $5,000, will deal in talking machines and records. Incorporators are A. G. Aronson, H. Herson and J. Levkov.

Index of patents issued from the United States Patent Office, Vol. 1926, Washington 1927, pp. 928, 1124, 1688, 1842:
Oriental Music Shop, Inc., doing business as Oriental Record and Talking Machine Co., New York, N. Y. Records for phonograph Instruments and the like. 220.913: Mar. 16.

Simon Simonds or Simonides in 1930 US Census, 38y, single, b. Turkey, Lang. Greek, Imm. year 1910, Occ. & Ind. Sales Manager in Music Corp., living in Park Ave., Manhattan, NY, USA

1942 WWII Registration Card:
Simon Simonides, b. 21 Dec 1890, Indjesou (= İncesu), TURKEY
Residence & Business: 1757 Madison Ave., NYC, NY, USA


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  • ORFENOS RECORD (in: Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office, Vol. 341 (8 Dec 1925, p. 291))



Courtesy Joel Bresler


Dino Pappas
Joel Bresler (
Maria Kapkidi (co-researcher RP)