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Percy Edward Pring QUICK  1887 - 1959

aka Percy Edward P. Quick, Percy E. P. Quick, P. E. P. Quick, Percy Edward Quick, P. E. Quick, Percy Quick, P. Quick
birth 1 April 1887, Lambeth, Greater London, London, Surrey, ENGLAND
baptism 18 Nov 1888, St Mary, Hornsey, Haringey, Middlesex
death .. July/Aug/Sep 1959, Thanet, Kent, ENGLAND (72y)
marriage .. Apr/May/June, 1909, Thanet, Kent:
Blanche Beatrice ANDERSON

b. 28 Mar 1884, Ramsgate, Thanet, Kent
d. .. Oct/Nov/Dec 1970, Thanet, Surrey/Kent

  • Reginald Norman

    b. .... 1920, Thanet, Surrey, Kent
    d. 23 Jan 1944 at age 23

  • ? Frederick S.

    b. .. Oct/Nov/Dec 1921, Thanet, Surrey, Kent
    d. .............

  • ? Ronald J.

    b. .. Jan/Feb/Mar 1923, Thanet, Surrey, Kent
    d. ................


father John William Quick

b. .. July/Aug/Sep <1851>, Crewkerne/Chard, Somerset
d. .. Jan/Feb/Mar 1929, Edmonton, Essex, Middlesex (78y)

mother Mary (J.?) ........

b. .... <1851>, Blagdon/Langford, Somerset
d. .. Jan/Feb/Mar 1929, Camberwell (77y)

  • Amy Mary

    b. ...........
    d. ...............

  • Ethel Blanche

    b. 6 Han 1883, ...........
    d. ............

  • Winifred May

    b. 6 June 1884, ..........
    d. .............

  • Percy Edward

    b. 1 April 1887, Lambeth, Greater London, London, Surrey, ENGLAND
    d. ............


1881 ENGLAND & WALES CENSUS (Lambeth, London):
John W. QUICK (30y) Warehouseman Dress Milliner
Mary QUICK (30y) b. Langford, Somerset
- Amy Mary (1y) b. Brixton, Surrey)

1901 ENGLAND & WALES CENSUS (Hornsey, Middlesex):
John W. QUICK (50y; b. Crewkerne, Somerset) Commercial Traveller Warehouseman Dress Goods
Mary Quick (50y; b. Langford, Somerset)
- Amy M. (21y) b. Camberwell, Surrey
- Ethel B. (18y) b. <1883>, Camberwell, Surrey
- Winifred M. (16y) b. <1885>, Camberwell, Surrey
- Percy E. (13y) b. <1888>, Camberwell, Surrey

“The Phonofilm Co. Ltd was founded with a nominal capital of £10,000 in June 1910, and acquired a patent application to produce flexible records. The company existed until ordered to be wound up on a petition for insolvency on July 1st 1912. I have no knowledge of any records being produced. Percy E. Quick, one of its directors, was or had been a Pathé recording expert. In 1911, the Mayor of Arundel became a director. The company was terminated on Sept. 3rd. 1918" (source: For the record, no. 30, Summer 2009, p. 351)

ca. 1917 recording expert ORCHESTRELLE CO.
Prior to that recording expert Pathé Frères Pathéphone Ltd. London
(source: TTMR 72, p. 2087)

Between 1938 - 1945 Percy E. Quick lived at 82 Grove Av. London N.10
Between 1953 - 1959 he lived at Four Dormers, Dumpton Park Drive, Broadstairs


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  • We also have our own records, part 37, by Frank Andrews (in: For the Record, no. 30, Summer 2009, p. 351)
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