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Stephen Carl PORTER  ("Steve")1864 - 1946

aka Stephen C. Porter, S. C. Porter, Stephen Porter, S. Porter, Steve Porter
nationality American
occupation singer/comedian/recording expert
birth .... 1864, Buffalo, Erie, NY
death 13 Jan 1946, New York(?)
marriage married in <1890> to:
Emma F. .........

b. .... <1868>, ....., Massachusetts
d. ............) (father: Germany / mother: Massachusetts


father Stephen B. PORTER

b. .. Jan 1832, NY
d. ....... (between 1880 and 1900 Censuses) attorney (father/mother from Vermont

mother Mary E. .......

b. .. July 1841, ...., NY
d. ..........

  • Stephen C.

    b. .... 1864, Buffalo, Erie, NY
    d. 13 Jan 1946, New York(?)

  • Nellie B.

    b. .. Feb 1867, ........, NY
    d. .............

  • Fanny/Franny M.

    b. ..


1850 CENSUS (Buffalo, Erie, NY, 10 Aug 1850):
Walter PORTER (49y) (b. Conn) builder
Cordelia E. (41y) (VT)
- Stephen B. (18y) (b. NY <1832>)
- Frances E. (8y - female) (b. NY)
- Charles Jones (4y) (b. NY)

1860 CENSUS (Buffalo, Erie, NY, 18 June 1860):
Stephen B. Porter (28y) (b. <1832> NY) lawyer
Ellen F. (26y) (b. NY)
- Walter G. (1y) (b. NY)

1880 CENSUS (Buffalo, Erie, New York, 3 June 1880):
S. B PORTER (48y) (b. NY) attorney
Mary E. (37y) (b. NY)
- Stephen C. PORTER (17y) (b. NY) bookkeeper
- Nellie B. (13y) (b. NY)
- Hanny/Franny M. (7y) (b. NY)

1900 CENSUS (Buffalo, Erie, New York, 6 June 1900):
Henry B. DOYLE (40y; Apr 1860, NY) Real Estate dealer
Nellie B. DOYLE (32y; Feb 1867, NY)
- Florence I. (8y; May 1892, NY)
- Eleanor (4y; May 1896, NY)
= Mary E. PORTER (58y) (b. NY; b. July 1841, NY) widow / mother-in-law (= Nellie's mother) (father: Vermont / mother: CANADA (ENGLAND?))

1910 CENSUS (Bridgewater, Somerset, New Jersey, 9 May 1910):
Stephen C. PORTER (46y) Manufacturer of Phonographs
Emma F. (42y)

1920 CENSUS (Brooklyn, Kings, NY, 5 Jan. 1920):
Stephen C. PORTER (56y) President of Port'O'Phone Co.
Emma F. (52y) (father: Germany / mother: Massachusetts)

member of Diamond Male Quartet, Len Spencer Trio and Haydn Quartet (p. 38)
Waterfield, Clifford and Co., Ltd. as the recording expert for their subsidiary company, NEW CENTURY PHONOGRAPH CO.
American recorder (Kinnear, p. 13, 38)

In 1904 in Calcutta to record with Hawd for Nicole Record Company
In July 1904 John Watson Hawd returned to Calcutta with Stephen Carl PORTER (p. 38)
1905 recording in India

"John Watson Hawd returned to England in February 1905, leaving Porter to continue taking recordings in India." (p. 38 of Kinnear's Indian recordings)

This cannot be true in view of:
On 4 Feb 1905 Porter departs from Southampton to USA and arrives in New York
on 13 Feb 1905.
back to the United States
From Tinfoil to Stereo, p. 197
Kinnear Indian recordings, p. 38

Internet: Steve Porter, Global Entrepreneur by Allan Sutton

Steve Porter (baritone) sang in "The Diamond Four (sometime between 1895-1900), Columbia Male Quartet (1902/1903), Peerless Quartet (1906-1909), American Quartet (1909), Premier Quartet and Heidelberg Quartet (Weergever, 29e jaargang no. 1, 2007)
Vaudeville skits (Edison's National Phonograph Company)

City Directory 1935
Stephen C. Porter
Stamford, Darien, Norton


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