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Giuseppe PAPETTI  1879 - 1920

aka G. Papetti, Guiseppe Papetti
birth 12 Oct 1879, Veroli, ITALY
death 4 Febr. 1920, Berlin, GERMANY
burial .... Zürich?
marriage 17 July 1907

b. .... 18xx, ........., GERMANY
d. 2 July 1939, Zürich, SWITZERLAND

childrenno children




recorder ANKER (Nov 1905)
by Jan 1912 BEKA
During WWI in Switzerland; returned to Germany late 1919 (PhZ 21/4/116 (15 Feb 1902)

G. Papetti: His ANKER monogram: PG

In a letter of 14 April 1905 written by Theodore Birnbaum to Kenneth Muir (Manager of the Italian branch of The Gramophone Company in Milan and its sub-branch in Cairo from August 1904 until 1909), who was in Cairo at the time, Papetti is mentioned.
Re Papetti:
I have received a long opinion from Mr. Mildmay [solicitor], but I have taken no steps in your absence. I am unable at present to communicate with Mr. [H. D.] Moorehouse but I am having the correspondence [with or about Papetti?] carefully looked up; as far as our end of it is concerned we were very careful that no instructions were given and we cannot but believe that Mr. Moorehouse has been as cautious.
The context of this passage on Papetti is unclear.

In 1905 Papetti was working for Anker (Woessner).
Papetti's name (G. Papetti, Berlin) occurs on the Fremdenliste, which appeared in the Tageblatt der Stadt St. Gallen of 16 November 1905.
On that day Papetti had apparently checked into the hotel Walhalla.

Papetti favorably mentioned in Die Sprechmaschine of 22 Dec 1906.

Giuseppe Papetti worked for the International Talking Machine Company (ODEON) roughly from December 1907 to April 1910 (when it was taken over by Lindström)

Online Berliner Adressbücher:
1908 Papetti, Guiseppe. Ingen. Nassbachstrasse 20 III, Berlin SW 47
1909 Papetti, Guiseppe. Ingen. Nassbachstrasse 20 III, Berlin SW 47
1910 Papetti, Guiseppe. Ingen. Barbarossastrasse 27, Berlin W 30
1911 Papetti, Guiseppe. Ingen. Barbarossastrasse 27, Berlin W 30
1912 Papetti, Guiseppe. Ingen. Moosdorfstr. 1 I, Berlin SO 33
1913 Papetti, Guiseppe. Ingen. Moosdorfstr. 1 I, Berlin SO 33
1914 not listed
1915 Papetti, Guiseppe. Ingen. Fabrikdirekt. Am Treptower Park 47, Berlin-Treptow
After 1915 no listings.
During the WWI Papetti was in Switzerland and had returned to Germany in late 1919 to resume his activities.

At the beginning of 1910 Papetti went to St Petersburg, Russia.
There he recorded for ODEON the famous operasinger L. Ja. Lipkovskaja, actor K. A. Varlamov and the operette-primadonna V. M. Sjoevalova. The next year Odeon makes considerably more recordings in Russia.(Zelezjniy, p. 71)

On 6 September 1911 one of the Joint Managing Directors of THE GRAMOPHONE COMPANY, Sydney Dixon or Alfred Clark, wrote to Eldridge R. Johnson of the VICTOR TALKING MACHINE COMPANY, Camden (see Lindström folder):

I give you herewith some notes which have been gathered during the last week by our Intelligence Department on the Lindström - ODEON combination.
Prescott joins the Board. He brought off the deal and made this a stipulation.
The Capital is now Mks. 3,500,000 and the Directors are said to be Prescott, [Max] Strauss, Heineman, Consol Marks [= Consul Marx] and Loewenherzer of the Darmstadter Bank.
It is said that Rink will leave them at the end of his contract, and that the other joint Managing Director of the ODEON Company remains.
Their recorders, as far as we know, are Hans & Raymond Gloetzner, [Alexander] Nagel, Perpeti [= G. Papetti], and an American whose name we don't know [Dan Smoot?].
It is also reported that [Max] Strauss and Consol Marks [= Consul Marx] sail on September 14th for the States to meet Prescott to study the situation in America.
Strauss informed one of our staff that he will personally remain in America to take up the manufacture of Talking Machines. He talked of erecting a big factory on your side in order to commence delivering as soon as the Berliner patent expires.

[Max Strauss (b. ca 1876) and Salomon Marx (b. ca 1866) with his wife Helena Marx (b. 1869) arrived in New York on 23 September 1911]

Papetti is also mentioned in the 1912 Lindström Report

In the 1912 Berlin "Adressbuch": Guiseppe Papetti, Ingen., SIO 33, Moosdorfstr. 1 L.

In Die Sprechmaschine of 4 April 1914 (10. Jahrg., No. 14, p. 238):

Der Leiter der Aufnahme-Abteilung der BEKA Record A.-G., Herr G. Papetti, ist zum technischen Direktor ernannt worden.
During WWI Papetti was in Switzerland and had returned to Germany in late 1919 to resume his activities.

Papetti died on 4 February 1920 in Berlin (source: PhZ 21 (4): 116 = 15 February 1920).


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