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Lewis/Louis William LAYTON  ("Lew"/"Lou")1900 - 1964

aka Lewis William Layton, Louis William Layton, Lewis W. Layton, Louis W. Layton, L. W. Layton, Lewis Layton, Louis Layton, Lew Layton, Lou Layton, L. Layton
birth 27 Sep 1900, Camden, NJ
death April 1964, Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City (NYT)
remark see George K. Cheney 1923
Gertrude S. ........

b. 5 Jan 1902, Camden, NJ
d. 26 Sept 1987, Ocean View, Cape May, NJ

  • Lewis W. Jr.

    b. 31 March 1931, ......
    d. 21 Feb 1994, Ocean View, Cape May, NJ


father Joseph H. LAYTON

b. .. Jan 1875, Pennsville, Salem, NJ
d. after 1910 ....

mother Estella Viola HOUCK

b. .. Nov 1876, ...., NJ
d. 26 Mar 1941, Camden, Camden Co., NJ

  • Iva E.

    b. .. July 1894, Camden, Camden Co., NJ
    d. <1966>, .......

  • Elizabeth

    b. .. Oct 1896, ......., NJ
    d. ..............

  • Lewis William

    b. 27 Sep 1900, Camden, NJ
    d. 1 April 1964, Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City


1880 CENSUS (Upper Penns Neck, Salem, NJ)

1900 CENSUS (9 June 1900, Camden City, Camden, NJ):
Jos (= Joseph) LAYTON (b. Jan 1875) butcher
Estella LAYTON (b. Nov 1976, NJ)
- Iva/Ira (b. July 1894, NJ)
- Elizabeth (b. Oct 1896, NJ)

1910 CENSUS (15 April 1910, Camden, NJ):
Joseph H. LAYTON (38y) butcher
Estelle B. LAYTON (34y)
- Iva E. LAYTON (15y)
- Elizabeth A. (12y)
- Louis H. LAYTON (9y)

1920 CENSUS (Camden City, Camden, NJ, 5 Jan 1920):
William H. HOUCK (73y)
Hannah C. HOUCK (70y)
- Estella B. [HOUCK] - LAYTON (46y)
- Lewis W. LAYTON (19y) Clerk Factory

1930 CENSUS (Wellesley, Norfolk, MA, 11 Apr 1930):
Lewis W. LAYTON (45y? = impossible) General Traffic Manager Telephone Company
Gertrude H. (39y? = impossible) (MA)
- Katherine H. (16y)
Probably not related

24 Febr 1923 Cheney and Layton started for CUBA (p. 12 of 33 of part IV of Harry O. Sooy)
George K. CHENEY
+ Louis (Lewis) W. LAYTON (23y)
ethnicity: USC
profession: -
date of departure: 31 March 1923
port of departure: Havana, CUBA
ship's name: SS "SIBONEY"
arrival: 3 April 1923, New York
age on arrival: 23y
last permanent residence: 512 - 3rd St., Camden, NJ
born: 27 Sept 1900, Camden, NJ

Lewis W. LAYTON (25y)
SS "................."
1 Aug 1925, New York
.... Aug 1926, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
(source: H. O. Sooy’s Memoir, p. 28 (of 33))

Lewis W. LAYTON (25y)
28 Jan 1926, Buenos Aires, Argentine
16 Feb 1926, New York, NY
born: 27 Sept 1900, Camden, NJ
residence: 928 North 6th St., Camden, NJ

Lewis W. LAYTON (28y)
Gertrude LAYTON (26y) (wife)
16 Aug 1928, San Juan, Puerto Rico
21 Aug 1928, New York, NY
residence: 331 North 3rd St., Camden, NJ

7 Aug 1930 from Chanaral, CHILE
8 Aug 1930 from Antofagasta, CHILE
9 Aug 1930 Tocopilla, CHILE
10 Aug 1930 from Mollendo, PERU:
Gertrude LAYTON (wife)
12 Aug 1930 from Callao, PERU
13 Aug 1930 from Salaverry, PERU
14 Aug 1930 from Talapa, PERU
21 Aug 1930, New York
Lewis born: 27 Sept 1900, Camden, NJ
Gertrude born: 5 Jan 1902, Camden, NJ
residence: 2807 Fairmount Av., Atlantic City, NJ

Lewis William Layton Jr., 1 Ortlieb Lane, Ocean View, NJ (609 390-1385)
(b. 1 July 1931, Ocean View, Cape May, NJ - 21 Feb 1994, Ocean View, Cape May, NJ (75y)
married Mary + adopted son Howard (1930 Census chauffeur truck)
Louise J. ......... - LAYTON (83y / b. 29 Sep 1923)
Louise M. LAYTON (84y / 1923)

RCA recording engineer (mono-stereo era)
(John Pfeifer's star engineer)
ca. 1960

Lewis W. Layton won Grammy Awards for Best Engineered Recording, Classical in 1960, 1962, 1963 and 1964 (internet).
Unclear picture on PA (Passport Application)

ATLANTIC CITY, April 4 (AP)—A man who died at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City on Wednes­day was identified today as Lewis William Layton, a sound engineer. Mr. Layton, who lived at 2807 Fairmount Avenue here, died of an apparent heart attack. He was 63 years old. He commuted weekly between Atlantic City and New York, where he was a sound engineer with the Radio Corporation of America. His wife was unaware that anything had happened to him until he failed to return home last night. His employers thought he had returned home since he complained of illness Wednesday and left the office early (from: New York Times of 5 April 1964).

Mr. Layton had worked for R.C.A. for 48 years. He was the winner of three Grammy Awards (Oscars of the record industry) for best classical en­gineering. He won the awards in 1959, 1961 and 1962.

A native of Camden, he had been a resident here 22 years. Besides his widow, Gertrude, he leaves a son, Staff Sgt. Lewis W. Layton Jr., who is stationed with the Marine air wing at Atsugi, Japan.


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