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Arthur Charles William HADDY  1906 - 1989

aka Arthur Charles W. Haddy, Arthur C. W. Haddy, A. C. W. Haddy, Arthur Charles Haddy, Arthur C. Haddy, A. C. Haddy, Arthur Haddy, A. Haddy
birth 16 May 1906, Newbury, Berkshire, ENGLAND
death 18 Dec 1989, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND
marriage married on .. July/Aug/Sep 1930, Edmonton, Middlesex, UK:
Lilian FAHEY

b. .... 1906, Islington, Middlesex, UK
d. .... 1994, ........., Hertfordshire

  • Estelle Fay

    b. .... July/Aug/Sep 1931, Edmonton, UK
    d. 4 July 2015, ......., Hertfordshire

  • Pauline R.

    b. .... Oct/Nov/Dec 1933, Edmonton, Middlesex, UK
    d. ...............


father Charles Boxall HADDY

b. .... Oct/Nov/Dec 1878, Exeter, Devonshire
d. .... Apr/May/June 1962, Henley, Oxfordshire, UK (83y)

mother Rosa/Rose Maude GIBBONS

b. .... Jan/Feb/Mar 1879, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK
d. .... July/Aug/Sep 1946, Wallingford, UK

marriage they married on .... Apr/May/June 1902 in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK.
  • Dorothy/Doris/Dorrie Rose

    b. .... Jan/Feb/Mar 1903, Newbury, UK
    d. .... Jan/Feb/Mar 1949, Hendon, Middlesex, UK

  • Arthur Charles William

    b. 16 May 1906, Newbury, Berkshire, ENGLAND
    d. 18 Dec 1989, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND

  • John

    b. .......
    d. ...........


1901 CENSUS: 31 Mar 1901, Newbury, Berkshire:
Arthur B. HADDY (22y) postoffice sorting clerk ; boarder

1911 CENSUS: Newbury, Berkshire:
Arthur Boxall HADDY (32y)
- Arthur Charles William HADDY (4y)

Arthur Boxall Haddy in: England & Wales National Probate Calender (yet to be consulted)

electronics engineer/recording engineer for DECCA from 1938
devised the first motional feedback lateral-cut disc recording head, later used to cut DECCA's 'ffrr' high-fidelity recordings
developed Full Frequency Range Recordings (ffrr) for commercial use (Guinness; Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound by Frank W. Hoffmann and Howard Ferstler)
later became Technical Director of DECCA
The Decca Record Co. Ltd. in March 1932 purchased the Crystalate Company’s record business, including the plant and studios.
By this deal Mr. Haddy became a recording engineer for Decca Records. (FRAGMENTA, p. 79)

At The Gramophone Conference (1938) A. C. Haddy, Senior recorder for Decca gave an illustrated lecture on Modern Recording (in: The Musical Times).

He was given the title OBE (Officer (of the Order) of the British Empire)


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