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Col. George Edward GOURAUD  1842 - 1912

aka George Edward Gouraud, George E. Gouraud, George Gouraud, G. E. Gouraud, G. Gouraud
birth 30 June 1842, Niagara Falls, New York
death 17 Feb 1912, Vevey, SWITZERLAND (according to website "The 1888 Crystal Palace recordings" and according to the notice of his death in the [London] Times on 20th February 1912, he died in Vevey, Switzerland on 17th Feb 1912, aged 70
remark 17 Feb 1912, Brighton, Sussex (in: The Guinness Book of Recorded Sound by Robert Dearling, Celia Dearling and Brian Rust. Enfield, 1984) is not correct.
marriage married:
Florence Willis SNOW

b. .... 1845/1846, New York, USA
d. .. July/Aug/Sep 1907, Brighton, ENGLAND

  • Clemence
  • George Fauvel

    b. ........, USA
    d. .. Apr/May/June 1915, Fulham

  • Jackson

    b. FRANCE

  • Florence Theodora GOURAUD

    b. ..........
    d. 29 Mar 1943, London, ENGLAND

  • Bayard L. GOURAUD

    b. ............
    d. 10 Feb 1912, Aden (from heart failure at Aden on his way back to England from India)

  • Powers St George
  • Manfred


father Francois/Francis Fauvel GOURAUD

b. ...........
d. .. June 1847, ........., USA

mother ...........

b. ............
d. .. May 1847, USA

  • George Edward

    b. 30 June 1842, Niagara Falls, New York
    d. 17 Feb 1912, Vevey, Switzerland


GOURAUD, GEORGE E.; Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient - Civil War
Rank and organization: Captain and aide-de-camp, U.S. Volunteers. Place and date: At Honey Hill, S.C., 30 November 1864. Entered service at:------. Birth: New York, N.Y. Date of issue: 21 August 1893. Citation: While under severe fire of the enemy, which drove back the command, rendered valuable assistance in rallying the men.

Home address 1880-1881: 6, Lombard Street, London E.C. // "Binswood", Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood, London S.E.
Home address 1908: "Edison House", 109 Marine parade, Brighton, Sussex

Gouraud was declared bankrupt in Sept 1909. He was described as being of Lausanne, Switzerland, late of the Marine Parade, Brighton, Sussex. He is listed as "gentleman".


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