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Anton A. GLOETZNER Sr.  1850 - 1928

aka A. A. Gloetzner, Anton Gloetzner, A. Gloetzner
birth 31 Jan 1850, Weiden, Bavaria, GERMANY
death 18 July 1928, Washington DC
Johanna (Jane Francis) NAST

b. 10 Aug 1851, München, GERMANY
d. 18 Dec 1915, Washington DC

  • Raymond ("Ray") A.

    b. 18 Aug 1875, Georgetown, Washington, DC
    d. 26 July 1957, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL

  • Josephine M.

    b. 10 May 1888, Georgetown, Washington DC
    d. 12 Dec 1952, Washington DC

  • Hermann Francis

    b. 25 Aug 1878, Georgetown DC
    d. 12 Apr 1946, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL

  • Anton (Andrew) A.

    b. 25/27 May 1880, Washington DC
    d. 26 Dec 1963, Glendale, Los Angeles, CA

  • Mary

    b. 15 May 1881, Washington DC
    d. 25 Aug 1881, Washington DC

  • Hans (=John) Maria

    b. 23 Dec 1882, Washington DC
    d. 31 Dec 1965, Norwalk, Fairfield, CT

  • Ida / Zelda

    b. 14 Feb 1884, Washington DC
    d. 23 Sep 1884, Washington DC

  • Alwin (=Albert) A.

    b. 15 Feb 1885, Washington DC
    d. 4 Dec 1967, Hollywood, Broward, FL

  • Edgar Raymond

    b. 29 July 1886, Washington DC
    d. 12 May 1975, Hollywood, Broward, FL

  • Johanna

    b. 10 May 1888, Washington DC
    d. 24 Dec 1965, ...........

  • Arnulf (= Adolf?) Anthony

    b. 8 Aug 1889, Washington DC
    d. 15 July 1918, Army, Camp Taylor, Jefferson, KY

  • Hilda

    b. 29 Aug 1890, Washington DC
    d. ... Oct 1979, 10524 Garrison, Putnam, NY

  • Geraldine (twin sister of Gisela)

    b. 24 Sep 1894, Washington DC
    d. 13 Sep 1896, Washington DC

  • Gisela/Gisella Marie (twin sister of Geraldine)

    b. 24 Sep 1894, Washington DC
    d. 3 July 1969, Texarkana(?), Bowie, TX




Anton A. Gloetzner was born on 31 Jan 1850 in Weiden, Bavaria, Germany.
He married Johanna Nast, who was born on 10 Aug 1851 in München, Bavaria, Germany.
The couple had 14 children

At the age of 23 he arrived on board of the SS "KÖLN" in New York (USA) on 13 September 1873 from Bremen (Germany).

In the Georgetown College Journal of October 1873 appeared the following announcement, which was in fact a reprint from the Philadelphia Catholic Standard:

Georgetown College - The authorities of this time-honored institution have engaged as organist and professor of music at the College, Herr Anton Gloetzner, recently arrived from Munich, Bavaria. He is a pupil of the Maestro, [Hans] von Bülow, and a performer of brilliant power.
[quoted in "They Came to Georgetown: Immigrant Musicians" by George M. Barringer in Georgetown Magazine, May 1977]

Hans von Bülow, pianist/conductor (8/1/1830, Dresden - 12/2/1894, Cairo) toured the United States in 1875-1876, giving piano concerts in several big cities.

On 18 August 1875 Anton’s son Raymond Anton was born, the first of 16 children.

On 23 December 1882 Hans Maria Gloetzner was born. He was later known as John Maria Gloetzner.

In 1886 Professor Anton Glötzner, music teacher, together with his sons Raymond and Hermann went to visit his native town Weiden in Germany.
On 23 September 1886 they arrived back in New York

Arthur Tregina, a Marine bandsman and composer (he also taught composition to other bandsmen) was immediately preceded in this role for several months (in an 'interregnum') by Anton Gloetzner. After a couple of years, Tregina left (and was Principal Musician of the Marine Band from 1892) and so Anton Gloetzner returned and he developed the choir's classical repertory.

Apparently some time in 1894 Anton Gloetzner had gone to visit his native Germany again.
On 15 September 1894 he arrived back in New York, just in time to witness the birth of a pair of twins, his thirteenth and fourteenth child.

During the summer of 1905 Professor A. Gloetzner, together with his eldest daughter Josephine and youngest son Adolf Gloetzner, visited Germany again.
On 14 September 1905 they arrived back in New York.

In the Washington Post of 17 June 1906 we find the following announcement:

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gloetzner, of Berlin, Germany, and their little daughter Eleanor, will be in Washington, the latter part of July to pay a short visit to the family home, 1228 M street northwest.
Ray Gloetzner, who is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Gloetzner, holds a responsible position as civil engineer in Berlin.

And in the Washington Post of 22 June 1906 a second announcement:

Anton Gloetzner, the composer and professor of theory, is awaiting the arrival here of his married son [Raymond], from abroad, who is about to visit America.

On 21 July 1906 Raymond with wife and daughter leaves Germany (ELLIS ISLAND)
(gets on board of the SS "GRAF WALDERSEE" bound for the USA)
On 3 August 1906 Raymond with wife and daughter arrive at New York.

On 18 December 1915 Anton’s wife Johanna Nast-Gloetzner, whose first name had been americanized to "Jane Frances", died at her home in Washington DC at the age of 64.

In the Great Falls Tribune of July 21, 2001 appeared a curious article under the heading:
"Church hits the road to become museum".
It is about a little (probably wooden) church in a town called Highwood (Montana) having been bought by a local antique-dealer and being moved from Highwood to Tracey.
It was named St. Jane Catholic Church, in memory of Jane Frances Gloetzner, who died in 1915.
Apparently her husband, Anton Gloetzner, had donated $ 500 to the building fund.
I do not know what the connection was between the Gloetzners and Great Falls, Montana.
Perhaps the memorable band outing to Great Falls, Montana, referred to in Barringer's article?

Anton Gloetzner died on 18 July 1928 at the age of 78 at his residence, 1526 Corcoran street northwest in Washington DC (see obituary)

In the Washington Post of 29 July 1928 appeared a small in memoriam written by Elisabeth E. Poe entitled "Among Musicians":
Washington musicians learned with regret the other day of the death in this city of Dr. Anton Gloetzner, the composer and instructor of Geraldine Farrar and other noted artists, who had been a resident of the National Capital for more than 50 years.
Dr. Gloetzner founded the Wagner Society, of which Maud Powell, the violinist, was a member for several years. Among his own compositions which achieved favorable notice was a sonata for organ and some 30 other compositions for violin, cello and voice and church selections.
In addition, he composed works for orchestra in Gregorian style and several masses for male and female voices and the organ.
A native of Bavaria [Germany], where he was trained in his art, Dr. Gloetzner was a thorough musician, modest and unassuming but constantly working at his compositions. His style was of the classic school and he stood for the solid things in music. For a long time he had the chair of music at Georgetown University, where he taught organ, piano, harmony, counterpoint and composition. Georgetown made him a doctor of music.

(1) Brooklyn (?)
(2) Georgetown DC
(3) 1228 Main Street N.W., Washington DC (also in 1890 Washington DC City Directory)
(4) 1526 Corcoran St. NW, Washington DC

in Georgetown College Journal (Oct 1873):
Anton Gloetzner (±1825-±1910), organist & professor of music
recently (ca 1873) from Munich, Bavaria

Movements of Anton GLOETZNER (1850-1928)

Anton GLOETZNER (alone/23y)
profession: musician
date of departure: .. September 1873
port of departure: Bremen, GERMANY
ship's name: SS "KÖLN"
port of arrival: New York
date of arrival: 13 Sept 1873

Prof. A. GLOTZNER (born: Weiden, GERMANY)
+ Master Raymond (11y)
+ Master Hermann (8y)
ethnicity: USA citizen
profession: music teacher
date of departure: ...... 1886
port of departure: Antwerp, Belgium
ship's name: SS "RHYNLAND"
date of arrival: 23 Sept 1886
port of arrival: New York
age on arrival: 36 y
intended destination: Baltimore

Arnold = Anton GLOETZNER (40y)
profession: professor
date of departure: xx Sept. 1890
port of departure: Amsterdam & Boulogne
ship's name: SS "ROTTERDAM"
port of arrival: New York
date of arrival: 20 Sept 1890

Anton GLOETZNER (44y)
profession: merchant
date of departure: xx Sept. 1894
port of departure: Hamburg, GERMANY & Southampton, UK
ship's name: SS "AUGUSTA VICTORIA"
port of arrival: New York
date of arrival: 15 Sept 1894
ELLIS ISLAND PAGE 0767 (date of departure nowhere to be found)

Prof. A. GLOETZNER (55y).
+ Josephine GLOETZNER (25y) single
+ Adolf GLOETZNER (16y) single
profession: professor
date of departure: 7 Sept 1905
port of departure: Cuxhaven, Hamburg, GERMANY
ship's name: SS "DEUTSCHLAND"
port of arrival: New York
date of arrival: 14 Sept 1905


The Emergence of a Black Catholic Community: St. Augustine's in Washington by Morris J. MacGregor, CUA Press, 1999. pp.493-494



Gloetzner family reunion at Hans (=John) Gloetzner’s home, Bell Isle, Norwalk, Connecticut (1920)
  1. Raymond
  2. Henry (Hans Gloetzner’s son)
  3. Hermann
  4. unknown aunt
  5. Johanna
  6. Josephine
  7. Hans/John
  8. Hilda
  9. Edgar
  10. Alwin
  11. Gisela
Father Anton Gloetzner is sitting in the middle. Not in the picture are mother Johanna/Jane Gloetzner († 1915) and children Anton Gloetzner Jr. (who probably took the picture), Mary († 1881), Ida/Zelda († 1884), Arnulf/Adolf († 1918) and Geraldine († 1896).


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